Tomatan, the robot that gives you tomatoes while you run

A Japanese company has made a portable robot that feeds runners

Tomatan, the robot that gives you tomatoes while you run

Some foods and preparations help the runner when he goes out to practice a little running or runs a marathon. From classic bananas to drinks with mineral salts.

Kagome , the largest seller of tomato juice and ketchup in Japan, is convinced that tomatoes can improve the performance of runners by providing nutrients and water that quench thirst and recover minerals lost through sweat. For this, he has manufactured Tomatan, a robot that feeds you while you run.

In any other country, they would have devised a bag with tomatoes or tomato juice attachable to the belt or a backpack. But this is Japan, so Kagome has opted for a wearable robot that you carry on your shoulders, and he shoves tomatoes into your mouth at the necessary rate. Say hello to Tomatan !

Tomatoes contain a high concentration of water and are rich in beta-carotene as well as citrus fruits and amino acids, these help improve health and protect the skin against UV rays. Tomatoes have many nutrients that fight fatigue, said Shigenori Suzi, a representative of the Kagome company.

Tomatan, the robot that gives you tomatoes while you run

To test the capacity of this peculiar robot, the same Shigenori Suzukiuse was presented on February 21 with Tomatan in an exhibition before the Tokyo Marathon; the entire time, Suzukiuze was accompanied by Novmichi Tosa, one of the founders Meiwa Denki, who monitored the performance of the robot during the race.

Finally, on February 22, the day of the marathon, a professional runner from Kagome tried Petit-Tomatan.

So now you know, the next time you go for a run and have a craving for a tomato or are convinced of the usefulness of its nutrients, you can carry Tomatan on your back, which weighs 8 kilos and can carry up to 6 medium tomatoes so that You eat them bit by bit, all you have to do is press a lever at the robot’s feet so that it knows when to feed you.

If it seems too heavy, there is the Petit-Tomatan model, which weighs no more than 3 kilos, although it can only keep up with you if you don’t run more than 5 kilometers and can carry fewer tomatoes.

The wearable robot has been designed by the well-known Japanese company Maywa Denki, famous in that country for designing unusual-looking musical instruments.