‘El Risitas’, Spanish Comedian and Face of The Famous Meme ‘KEKW’, Dies

'El Risitas', Spanish Comedian and Face of The Famous Meme 'KEKW', Dies

Juan Joya Borja died in Seville, Spain, at the age of 65. His face will remain forever on social networks. 

This Wednesday, April 28, the Spanish comedian and actor Juan Joya Borja, nicknamed ‘El Risitas’ and known on the internet by the emoticon ‘KEKW’ from Twitch, has passed away.

According to ABC de Sevilla, Borja died in hospital due to complications from chronic diseases. In September 2020, the comedian had his leg amputated and has been in hospital ever since.

An artistic career and also the internet

The popular Sevillian actor and comedian rose to fame in Spain around the year 2000 by the hand of Jesús Quintero with his appearances in the programs’ El vagamundo ‘or’ Ratones coloraos’, where he recounted his experiences along with the now-defunct ‘El Peíto ‘.

‘ The Giggles ‘, however, became especially popular in 2015, when images from his 2002 interview began to be used as a meme.

In ‘Ratones Coloraos’, Borja told a funny story that happened to him when he worked as a dishwasher on the beach. The cook told him to soak 20 dirty paella pans in the ocean overnight and clean them in the morning. Hoya complied with the order, but when he made landfall in the morning, he discovered that there was a strong tide at night and all the trays except one were thrown into the ocean.

His laugh would be etched in the mind of the internet forever under the name ‘ KEKW‘ and is used as a laughing emoticon on the Twitch game broadcast platform.