Dexter: New Trailer For Season 9 With The Return Of Michael C. Hall

Dexter: New Trailer For Season 9 With The Return Of Michael C. Hall

The ninth batch of episodes, scheduled to debut later this year, will again feature Michael C. Hall. Clancy Brown will be the new villain of the series, who promises to return to the origins.

We already warned in the first preview of the ninth season of Dexter: the serial killer will return to its origins. The character played by Michael C. Hall seems to be back to his old ways in the next ninth season of the Showtime series. Scheduled to debut sometime this fall, the production, one of the most successful in recent times, will return for the first time since its farewell in 2013 with a 10-episode television event. After the series’ disastrous finale left fans with a bittersweet feeling, the return of the antihero has Dexter fans. in the hope that those mistakes can be rectified. Season 9 will feature original showrunner Clyde Phillips who will take the series back to its roots

Dexter returns in all his glory

To date, and pending confirmation of some kind of cameo, Hall is the only member of the original cast who is announced to reprise his role. We do know that Clancy Brown will be Dexter’s main antagonist, the aforementioned villain who will put him in check, while Jamie Chung will play a true crimes podcaster who will eventually discover the truth about Dexter. The serial killer will be relocating from Miami and Oregon, and it appears he will take up residence in upstate New York. Come on, it changes the heat for the cold and the snow. Under the rhythm of Nina Simone’s Don’t Let Me Be Maundersknown, it seems that the new trailer confirms that Dexter is back to his old ways as a serial killer and that their instincts, one way or another, cannot be repressed. The advance is very explicit.

The story of the coroner specializing in the analysis of blood splatters, who began working for the Miami Police Department, had a high point in the first seasons of the series, with a great following and applause from the public and critics. However, the story of Dexter, a particular antihero who hides under a courtesy mask a psychopathic danger who, after finishing working at the police station, sets out to look for criminals to end their lives, went wrong in the last episodes.

“Dexter is a serial killer for most of the time and that facet is back

While the new series appears to be quite different in terms of location and setting – that country-tinged snow can work narratively – it’s clear that Dexter is still the serial killer fans have known and loved forever. It remains to be seen how much has personally changed in the ten years since the original ending of Dexter, his story seemed closed in that regard, but it is clear that it has not ended the thing very well. The chapters will premiere next fall.