McDonald’s Chicken Nugget in the shape of the ‘Among Us’ character sells on eBay for $ 100,000

McDonald's Chicken Nugget in the shape of the Among Us character sells on eBay for $ 100,000

People are obsessed with Among Us with the game now reaching 2 million active players after the Epic draw, the beloved game and its two-legged teammates are making headlines once again.

Recently, the Among Us Twitter page shared a photo of a McDonald’s chicken nugget in the shape of one of Among Us two-legged crewmates. The little nugget was listed by eBay seller Polizna for auction with a catchy title “McDonald’s Among Us BTS Meal Nugget.”

Within hours of his listing, Polizna had received 183 offers, and the humble initial offer of 99 cents was at $ 14,969.69 after her first offer and in no time reached $ 30,000. Finally, the bidding ended on June 3, and the chicken nugget sold for $ 99,997. Those interested can check the bid history here.


Polizna had already said that the nugget will be frozen and then air-sealed to ensure freshness before shipping. I would try to ship the nugget before its usual 14-day expiration date.

The nugget has created quite a stir on social media sites where people were intrigued and posted various memes saying “If I was a millionaire, I would definitely buy it.” One factor that may have raised the price of the nugget could be related to the famous KPOP band BTS. Since the food was part of McDonald’s BTS special meal, it is believed that fans of the band had raised the price of the nugget. Whatever the reason for the price, the winner of the auction was the seller Polizna.

In fact, the buyer wrote in the description of the sale: “I have Szechuan sauce and, at the request of the buyers, I will send some with the nugget”, although we imagine that the buyer does not intend to eat it.