Chinese Embassy Blasts Reuters For Using An ‘Ugly’ Photo Of Gold Medalist Weightlifter

Chinese Embassy Blasts Reuters For Using An Ugly Photo Of Gold Medalist Weightlifter

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka sparked controversy through social networks after criticizing a photo chosen by the Reuters photography agency to show the world the triumph of China’s Hou Zhihui weightlifting in Tokyo. Olympics 2020.

But the embassy put it out of context by ensuring that it was not the best among so many photos and only “shows how ugly they are.”

How is the controversial photo upset the Chinese?

In the weightlifting discipline in the women’s 49 kg category, Hou Zhihui won a Gold Medal on the first day of the summer joust. He also reached the Olympic record of lifting 210 kilos.

The news agency, which is in charge of providing several media with photographs, but one of Hou in action in its catalog and uploaded it to its social networks, something very common in this type of event. But it was not well seen by all.

Instead, several fans responded to criticism from the Embassy, ​​assuring that it was normal to see photos of this type where athletes are seen exerting themselves in full competition, which caused a wave of criticism in response, many defending the Reuters agency for showing an action photo of an athlete