Chinese father hires virtual hitman to ‘kill’ his son in a video game

A father had to hire "hit men" to save his son from gambling addiction
A father had to hire “hitmen” to save his son from gambling addiction

The father’s plan was for his 23-year-old son to tire of the video game and finally dedicate himself to looking for work.

A father in China decided to hire a “virtual hitman” to end his son’s addiction to video games, who at 23 was spending hours in front of the monitor instead of getting a job.

Faced with the inability to remove his son’s vice, Mr. Feng decided to hire an online game “hitman” so that the young man would get bored with the video game and start dedicating himself to more useful things in life, reported the Kotaku portal.

A 23-year-old boy named Xiao started playing video games a lot in high school. As time went by, he learned many techniques in role-playing games, becoming a good player.

According to his father, Xiao had good grades in school, so he was allowed to spend time playing games. However, since he could never get a job, they began to worry.

Xiao justified his inaction by stating that he could not find a job that he liked, an answer that his father did not like, especially because he saw him carefree and very addicted to video games.

Disgusted that his Xiao couldn’t find a job, Feng decided to hire players from his son’s favorite titles to defeat him and get bored.

The young man realized how strange it had become to play, because every time he logged in, he was easily beaten. According to the report, the young man spoke with his father to fix his situation, although he continued to affirm that he will look for a job that pleases him.