Florida Man Uses Alligator’s Mouth To Open Beer Can

Florida Man Uses Alligator’s Mouth To Open Beer Can

A group of friends sparked outrage on social media after posting a video in which they made a crocodile open a can.

A group of men, originally from Florida, United States, drew attention on social networks by sharing a video where they can be seen calling an alligator crocodile to open a can.

One of the men in a small boat attracts the crocodile’s attention and brings him a can of beer so that when he opens his mouth, he opens it with his teeth, which happens with a very fast movement.

In the viral video, you can see how another of the men who are in the boat drinks the beer that the crocodile opened with his teeth while his friends celebrate the supposed feat.


As expected, this video went viral the instant one of the men shared it on his social networks, generating hundreds of “likes” and comments with opinions of all kinds.

Although many of the users celebrated these men’s technique of opening a beer can and the courage of approaching these dangerous animals that live in lakes, others were angry at using the alligator for a joke between humans.

On social media, many users who saw the video titled “A normal day in Florida” questioned the attitude of this group of friends for exposing the crocodile to a can that could have hurt it and for slapping it on the snout.

Florida Man Uses Alligator’s Mouth To Open Beer Can

In the video, you can see how the crocodile did not result in any type of damage and neither did the men. However, it was a test that put both of them at risk and should not be repeated on the networks.

It should be noted that the most careful users also pointed out in their comments whether it was convenient to drink from an open can by a crocodile living in a swamp since it is completely dirty.