Girl Gets Slapped In The Face By Seagull On 120km/h Sling Shot Ride

Girl Gets Slapped In The Face By Seagull On 120km/h Sling Shot Ride
  • Kiley Holman, 13, was celebrating her friend Giorgia’s birthday at an amusement park
  • The two teenagers dared with the dreaded ‘SpringShot’ of the Morey’s Pier theme park in New Jersey
  • When they were at the most feared moment of attraction, to top it off, a seagull slammed into their face

Nothing like a birthday celebration at an amusement park. Kiley Holman, 13, was with a group of friends celebrating her friend Georgia met the 14 chose Morey’s Pier in Wilwood a theme park located in the city of New Jersey to spend a day at large.

What they did not expect, without a doubt, was that both the birthday girl and Kiley were going to become the protagonists of a viral video that is already going around the world. The reason? Her ‘exciting’ journey is one of the most feared attractions in the park.

Specifically, the two teenagers decided to face the so-called ‘SpringShot’, a kind of shuttle not suitable for the heart, in which one is quickly catapulted into a vertical worthy of a real moment of panic.

The problem, on this occasion, is that –in case even more ingredients were lacking to make them feel that they were about to tackle a terrifying experience–, during the moments of the attraction an unexpected guest was joined:

A seagull that appeared in the scene at the peak of the moment, with the girls rising to the skies, and which ended up hitting the face of Kiley, who received the impact of the bird between fear and absolute disbelief: “A seagull flew into my face! ! A seagull flew against my face!

 Girl Gets Slapped In The Face By Seagull On 120km/h Sling Shot Ride
Credit: YouTube/Robert Reed

According to the WBTV medium, he began to shout, but obviously, Georgia couldn’t hear her … because she was given to screaming too to try to overcome the trance of attraction. In fact, judging by the images, she does not even seem to realize at that moment what has just happened to her friend, who after those seconds of terror with the seagull on her face managed to get away from the bird by pushing it away with her left hand.

The girl herself and her friend have joined a wave of laughter

Now, undoubtedly, the panic is over, they have added themselves to the wave of laughter that the video has unleashed, initially shared by Robert Reed, of Morey’s Pier, and that has already gone viral. In fact, Kiley Holman herself has shared it on TikTok, laughing at the episode.