Anti-Karen Cafe Hit With Complaints From Karens

Anti-Karen Cafe Hit With Complaints From Karens

Karens have targeted a California-based coffee shop after they brought out a series of signs and products that identified as ‘anti-Karen’ – this has now caused a rift between the café and Karens

The Karen meme often circulates around the internet brandishing ‘rude’ middle-aged women as a, well, Karen .

Using the meme as a source of inspiration, this Californian coffee shop has branded some products as “anti-Karen.”

The coffee shop has now been faced with a barrage of complaints from women named Karen.

The Coffee Dose Café, which has shops dotted around the state of California, has a strong presence on social media with 37,000 TikTok followers.

Anti-Karen Cafe Hit With Complaints From Karens

They often show off their daring and crude named products, with cups claiming to contain ‘anti-b**** serum.’

A handful of their designs have now caught the eye of some Karens – who aren’t happy.

Causing the rift between the coffee shop and Karens, a sign allegedly put outside the shop reads: “No Karen, you can’t talk to the manager”.

To add to the dispute, the coffee shop described their latest beverage as an “Anti-Karen serum.”

Taking to TikTok to discuss the incident, the coffee shop said that their sign and Anti-Karen cups were “just meant to be a play on the anti-b**** Serum”.

Outraged by the cafe, one woman took to a Facebook group dedicated to women named Karen and ordered them to “boycott” the shop.

Listening to the woman’s request, people left one-star ratings and scathing reviews.

Anti-Karen Cafe Hit With Complaints From Karens

Some even accused the coffee shop of promoting “bullying.”

One person commented: “I can speak to the manager if I want. Seriously tired of businesses using a tired old meme to attract ‘woke’ customers.”