Facebook is reportedly planning to change its company name

Facebook plans to change its name, according to the website The Verge. The change in the brand aims to better reflect the “metaverse” that the company has been building in recent times.

The supposed new name will be announced by Facebook President Mark Zuckerberg during the Connect conference, which is scheduled for Oct. 28, or even earlier.

Facebook’s name change could also signal another goal of the social networking company, turning it into a possible technology conglomerate;

In addition to unifying all brands under one umbrella – similar to Alphabet, a holding company that has several companies linked or owned by Google.

In early 2021, Zuckerberg had already commented, also to The Verge, about Facebook’s intentions to expand into different technologies.

However, Facebook’s new name is still a complete mystery even among the company’s senior executives.

Facebook is reportedly planning to change its company name

Controversy to give and sell

Facebook’s rebranding may also be linked to controversies involving the company in recent times, as Zuckerberg’s social network has been associated as one of the main sources of disinformation, leading even a former employee to testify and leak documents about the company prioritizing profit over users’ well-being.

According to the complainant, Facebook was aware that the social network was having a negative impact on users’ health.

Facebook is reportedly planning to change its company name

In addition, Zuckerberg’s company has been involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal since 2018, where it exposed data from 87 million accounts for a political consulting firm that worked on Donald Trump’s election campaign.

The desire to transform the brand into a metaverse, that is, to virtually unify brands and users in interconnected environments; would come to alleviate the harsh criticism and negative perception that Facebook has been receiving.