Photographer Deletes Entire Wedding Album After Being Denied Food

Photographer Deletes Entire Wedding Album After Being Denied Food
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As the saying goes “cheap is always expensive” and it is that when one tries to save money by hiring an amateur instead of an expert professional.

Very few times everything goes as expected, even sometimes it ends up being a total disaster.

If not, tell them to a wedding couple who trusted a friend who is fond of photography to take the pictures of the entire wedding, in exchange for paying her $ 250 for 10 hours of work.

All to save a little money from the thousands of dollars that are spent on a wedding celebration.

Photographer Deletes Entire Wedding Album After Being Denied Food

At first, everything seemed like a dream, the link went out of the box and the images were impressive. The problems came around five in the afternoon when the photographer, a friend of the couple, realized that they had not even reserved a place to eat:

“They told me that I could not stop to eat because I had to continue working as a photographer “, she explained on her Reddit account.

The situation was getting worse and worse to the point that they refused to give her even a glass of water, being in a space of about 40º of temperature and without air conditioning.

At one point, she approached the boyfriend to ask him for a 20-minute break and he refused and threatened not to pay her the agreed money.

Photographer Deletes Entire Wedding Album After Being Denied Food

“I asked him if he was sure of what he was saying and he said yes, so I deleted all the photos I took in front of him and left telling him that I was no longer his photographer,” confesses the amateur photographer.

She ran out of $ 250, but the bride and groom have lost their wedding images forever, something they will regret all their lives.

After confessing her version of the story, she asked the users of the social network what they thought and if they really thought it was she who had misbehaved or if it was the boyfriends.

Although the majority of comments have been fully supportive of the photographer, others think that in the case of a friend, he should not have deleted the photos of his wedding.

The couple has not yet spoken about it or have given their version of events, what is certain is that the friendship will not be resumed by either party.

Undoubtedly, the lesson has been learned and that is that for important moments it is necessary to always have a good professional. For the friend who did them the favor, on the other hand, the lesson is not to accept such important commitments between friends that in the case of going wrong, it could cut the relationship forever.