Police Unable To Arrest Insulate Britain Protestors After They Glue Themselves To Ground

Police Unable To Arrest Insulate Britain Protestors After They Glue Themselves To Ground

Police have been unable to arrest members of Insulate Britain after they glued themselves to the road.

Protestors from the group have taken to the roads of London once again this morning (25 October), blocking Southwark Bridge in the center of the capital.

And in footage posted on social media, several protestors can be seen sitting in front of cars and holding placards as officers attempt to remove them from the road.

However, due to the fact some of them have glued their hands to the road, they have been unable to do so.

In one of the videos posted to Twitter, cops can be seen attempting to use solvent in order to free their hands and then arrest them.

This is the latest in a series of protests by the Insulate Britain group over the past month or so.

Earlier this month, footage emerged of a woman pleading desperately with members of the group to allow her to pass them because her mother had been rushed to hospital and she needed to get to her.

In footage recorded by LBC, the crying woman could be heard saying: “She’s in the ambulance, she’s going to the hospital in Canterbury, do you think I’m stupid?

“I need to go to the hospital, please let me pass. This isn’t OK… How can you be so selfish?”

Protestors in high-vis jackets could be seen speaking to the woman but they did not appear to let her through.

In an attempt to reason with them, she said: “We all believe in what you’re doing but I just need to get to my mum… everybody agrees with you.”

At one point she asked why they were there, to which one person replied: “No one is doing anything.”

The woman then said: “But that’s not my fault! And my mum is the one in an ambulance on the way to the hospital!”

She was also heard telling them she had a ‘b****y electric car’.

According to the radio station, the woman was later allowed through.

And just last week, a woman drove her car into a pair of protestors after they blocked her route during the school run.

Sherrilyn Speid, from Grays, Essex, said one of the protesters laughed at her and she just lost her temper in the end.

In footage shared on social media, the 34-year-old can be seen screaming at two women sitting in front of her Range Rover, asking them to move so she can bring her 11-year-old son to school.

One of the women blocking the road can also be heard saying ‘sorry’ and that she ‘understood’, but refuses to move out of the way.

This is when Speid gets back into her car and bumps into the back of the protesters, with one of them shouting out in pain.